Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.-Jason Crandell.


YOGA by the Sea


How would you like to wake up to the sounds of the ocean and start the day with a morning yoga session on a beautiful white sand beach, on the deck of your modern sailboat sailing to your next adventure or anchored in a secluded bay as you feel the ocean energy while enjoying your exercises and stretches?


Daily morning YOGA sessions

On every event our yoga instructors travel and live with us on board. They conduct daily morning sessions at stunning locations surrounded by the sea to enhance the benefits of Yoga. Whether you are a new yogi or a seasoned teacher, be prepared for a deep ocean connection and feeling of bliss. Sessions last around 50 minutes and attendance is optional.




Check out the stunning locations where you will practice yoga with us!


Your yacht deck is an unbeatable place to practice and a unique place to be. The soft movement of the boat will give you a new feeling when practicing yoga


Be alone in a beautiful secluded cove. Just you, the group and the sound of the waves gently breaking against the beach



During sailing you will have the opportunity of  joining a relaxation session. You will be relaxing as you hear the waves move back and forth on the boat while taking in the nature all around you



The sand, the sea breeze and the beautiful surrounding nature are the perfect companions on your adventure. Imagine all these things on your own peaceful beach



We know how important taking care of your mind & soul is for being happy and living your best life. For that reason we do daily yoga session guided by the best professionals followed by a healthy diet and outdoor activities.


Your level is not an issue because we will adapt every session, so that everyone can enjoy the special moment of practicing yoga surrounded by the sea at breathtaking locations.

Meet the Instructors

Davin Jones

​A 500 hour E-RYT teacher. His teachings are from the traditions of Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga. Davin combines these styles to create classes which can be challenging on occasion, with the awareness to adapt the practice to different levels of practitioners.

Davin’s passion for the practice of yoga stems from the belief that if we are looking to find peace within ourselves it’s there waiting to be revealed. With a deep love of functional anatomy, Davin guides classes with clear instruction on posture alignment to allow the practitioner to create a fundamental understanding of the physical body.

His classes are known to be vinyasa based with dynamic flows through the postures and longer holds to create depth and deeper understanding of the practice.
Having led workshops, retreats and teacher training courses worldwide, he has developed techniques to guide practitioners of all levels to safely bring these postures into their yoga practice.



Michelle de Bruijn is known for her contagious smile and welcoming joyful presence. She’s a certified Meditation and Yoga teacher, transformational coach and speaker with a great passion for integrating ancient wisdom with modern science.
She is the founder of Silent State Meditation; a visualization project for music festivals, in corporates and online, where meditation and modern music are merged together to help practitioners reconnect with their inner being.
She has lived in Monasteries and Ashrams in India to deepen her understanding of the practice of the yoga systems and Buddhist psychology. She has studied with experts like His Holiness Dalai Lama, Ven Robina Courtin, Robert Thurman, Joe Loizzo and is currently studying Contemplative Psychotherapy at Nalanda Institute.
In a deep connection with her students, Michelle guides them to their own calmness and inner peace. Her yoga classes are a combination of vinyasa flow with yin elements, meditation and breathwork suitable for all levels. Having led workshops, sessions and retreats worldwide, she’s extremely grateful to be a support for others on their journey towards their own wellbeing.

Yoga Sailing Benefits


Being near the sea has many benefits; increasing your general health and stamina, reducing stress and improving those conditions brought about by sedentary lifestyles.


Now add yoga into the mix!  Practising on a sailboat deck or the beach means yoga’s effects on your body and soul are hugely amplified.


Physical Benefits

  • Greater Flexibility and Balance
  • Increased Energy & Bone Density
  • Normalized Digestion & Weight
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Cardiovascular & Respiratory Health
  • Deep relaxation strengthens the body’s immune system, allowing it to fight bacteria and viruses quickly and easily. A regular yoga practice will increase your body’s ability to cleanse toxins from the organs, which strengthens your immune system even more.

Mental Benefits

Yoga is all about relaxing and managing stress while increasing the ability to focus and concentrate. It helps your brain learn, retain information and stay fully aware.

Reduced anxiety and stress leads to improved overall health. Learning to slow down, breathe deeply and do one thing at a time re-trains your mind to focus on the present moment.


Emotional Benefits

“Yoga is a practice, not a perfect.” Yoga’s non-competitive nature encourages positive thoughts and self-acceptance.  When you fall in a pose you simply try again. There is no “good” or “bad” in yoga — there is only what is. Accepting the present moment allows inner peace to flourish.


Spiritual Benefits

Through movement, meditation, and pranayama you’ll become more able to reconnect with your true essence. As you learn to calm the fluctuations of your thoughts you begin to peel away layers of false beliefs, revealing your natural state of peace.


Enhanced awareness leads many practitioners to feel a greater sense of purpose in the world, and ultimately, to spiritual fulfillment.


Enjoy the Benefits!

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