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This adventures is about sailing, exploring and good life. You will live on a luxury boat and sail everyday during about 2-3h between destinations. You will be able to improve your sailing skills as much as you would like with our daily lessons. Or, if you’re not much of a sailor, you can just lay back on deck, chat with the other adventurers, read and enjoy the landscape whilst feeling the ocean connection and eco-exploring


Sail & Learn



Everyday our professional skippers full of love for yachts, people and the sea will use the navigation time to give anyone interested, lessons about sailing, nautical theory, electronic navigation, safety systems and full boat operations. With our very dynamic teaching method, you will practice everything you learn.


Don’t worry if you are new to sailing, we adapt our lessons to ALL LEVELS: beginner, intermediate and advanced sailors are welcome.


Our main goal is to offer the best quality and our boats are modern and luxurious with all the amenities and details to make your trip unbeatable. For that reason we sail two identical2017 Hanse 575


These are the guys how are going to sail the boat and teach you all you want to know about sailing and what does mean being a seaman



Hugo  is one of the most lovely and professional skippers you will meet. Sailing since kid he knows everything about boats and how to play with them. Follow his sailing adventures on his YouTube channel to know more about him: “The Sailing Frenchman”



Pau is our local guide, born in Mallorca and in love with the island. He is the one who settled the route and knows all about the Balearic islands. He will take care of you to make sure you have fun and an unbeatable time on board


Don´t worry, we will conduct an extensive safety briefing in order to make you familiar and comfortable with the boat prior the departure. You will be confident with the boat much faster than you expect and we will be always ready to answer all your questions

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