May 2019


The Caribbean dream. Explore this French group of beautiful islands and learn more about how first explorers lived on the area and how nations fight for the control of them while sailing on its clear waters

The perfect balance between sailing, yoga, rest, recreation and optional adrenalin with delicious and nutritious meals in between


Day 1

Group dinner at the beach!


Today is our first day. After you settle into your cabin, get familiar with the boat and have your safety briefing, we’ll set sail for Ilet Gosier, a beautiful and small island protected by a beautiful and full of life reef

Our sailing distance is about 20 NM, time during which we will give anyone interested our first sailing lesson


Once we reach Ilet du Gosier and drop the anchor for the night at the natural bay you will will have time to relax and enjoy the beautiful snorkel offered by the reef before dinner

Tonight in order to create a positive group vibe and atmosphere the soonest as possible we will have a group healthy dinner at the beach. We will set tables and torches at the natural beach and bring the freshly made dinner from the boat to the boat with the dinguis


Marina du Gosier – Ilet Gosier


  • 13h welcome aboard
  • safety briefing
  • sailing lessons
  • anchor at Ilet Gosier 
  • snorkel
  • group dinner at the beach



Learn to sail

Start your day with a invigorating yoga session at the beach in front of your luxury yacht or with a morning snorkel on crystal clear waters. Get some energy and be ready to learn how to sail

Today we have ahead of us 21NM that we will cover on two legs with a swim stop at Ilet Cabrit where we will drop the anchor and have time to snorkel

During that distance we will happily teach any of you interested sailing lessons and we will practice some maneuvers for you to learn when practicing and having fun

Our final destination is Terre de Haut, a beautiful island that is part of Les Saintes.


We want to end the day with a hike at Pain de Sucre hill where we will enjoy of a really beautiful sunset fro the top


Once back on board we will enjoy of another tasteful dinner on board with both boats raft together



Ilet Gosier – Terre de Haut


  • morning yoga session at the beach
  • fresh breakfast
  • sailing lessons
  • Ile Cabrit swim stop
  • anchor at Terre de Haut
  • Pain de sucre sunset hike
  • dinner on board

Day 3

Sunrise Yoga Sail & Sunset Kayaking

What about starting your day with a pre-sunset silent sailing and a yoga session on deck your luxury yacht followed by a healthy freshly made breakfast?

Thats the plan for today!

We will set sail early in the morning to all of you interested in joining us enjoy a magical sunrise from the sea while silent sailing.

Following the sunrise wi will have the yoga session on the deck of the boat while sailing to the next destination: Grand Ilet where we will have a long stop to swim, have lunch and explorer the island from side to side

After spending the day exploring it´s time to sail back to Grand Anse where a guided sunset kayak experience that you will love will be waiting for us.


Today has been a long and active day so now is time to enjoy with the delicious dinner our chefs has freshly prepared and relax


Terre de Haut – Grand Anse


  • sunrise silence sail
  • yoga on the deck
  • organic breakfast
  • swim, explore or relax at Grand Ilet
  •  sailing lessons
  • anchor at Grand Anse
  • sunset kayaking
  • dinner

Day 4

Explore the fort!


The Caribbean is a land full of pirates tales and big heroes. A signal of that is the great number of fortresses that where built during several centuries. Today we want to know more about that period exploring the Napoleon Fort in Le Marigot

Let´s start the day with another yoga session on a beautiful secluded beach where enjoy privacy and the connection with the waves


After having our morning yoga session and the delicious breakfast we will set sail all around the island before heading to Le Marigot where we will hike and  explore Fort Napoleon and its old story.


After the hike and the last lunch on board we will head to Les Saintes marina where the trip ends


Around 13:00 we will be at the marina. Time to pack our things and leave the boat…but not before one last toast. SALUD!


Grand Ilet – Les Saintes marina


  • yoga session at the secluded beach
  • healthy breakfast
  • sailing lessons
  • explore Fort Napoleon
  • dock at Les Saintes marina
  • 13:00 leave the boat







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