Cleanse your body with a balanced, nutrient filled, organic diet! Enjoy our mediterranean cuisine prepared with a delightful selection of all local organic foods.


Dedicated to local small businesses, all of our products are ecological, fresh, top-quality, produced locally


We offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and allergy sensitive diets catered to each individual.

At IN ADVENTURES we believe that food not only nourishes the body but also the mind and, for this reason, we wish to offer you a new way of savouring it. Our philosophy is based on delighting in a unique experience through flavour, awakening our senses and evoking memories, creating new experiences and producing pleasant sensations.



  • Smoothie bowl with your choice of toppings including; fresh fruit, dried fruit, toasted almonds, and toasted coconut.
  • Toasted gluten-free bread topped with tomato, olive oil and delicious local jamón serrano.
  • Wide variety of fresh fruits
  • Detox pear and melon smoothie, combined with celery and kale


  • Courgette and cucumber gazpacho
  • Apple and lentils salad with pumpkin seeds
  • Seafood paella
  • Seasonal fruits sauteed with coconut oil and cinnamon


  • Natural fruit roll-ups
  • Flax crackers with hummus & local black olives


  • Quinoa and avocado tabbouleh
  • Monkfish and prawn cold cream
  • Gluten-free vegetables and pistachio cheese quiche
  • Nuts and dates truffle


  • Ginger and lemon water
  • Iced relaxation tea
  • local organic wine
  • gluten free beer
  • Fair trade coffee
  • Matcha tea



In every event a chef and a hostess will live with us on board in order to enjoy the best freshly made organic food



Javi is our top chef. After working for the last 15 years on 5* hotels and luxury restaurants  he decided was time to unite his passion for ecological cooking, sailing and meeting like-minded people so he joined our team and we have no words to say how happy our stomachs are since then


Javi grew up in Salamanca (Spain) and there he graduated from the Escuela de Hostelería. His passion for cooking took him on a journey around Spain and England. In these 15 years’ experience he’ve had the opportunity of working in 5* hotels such as Hacienda Zorita 5* of Salamanca or Fontsanta Hotel 5*, in Campos, Mallorca. Also in high-quality restaurants such as Brighton’s Okinami Japanese Restaurant (England), or the Adrian Quetglas Restaurant in Palma de Mallorca.

His entrepreneurial nature has also led him to create his own private chef company with a level of quality and impressive service that we have the honor to check in each event.


Have a look at his social media and website to know more about him






Cara is our lovely hostess. This blonde bomb of energy and good vibes is a professional yacht chef and hostess. Fun and helpful at the same time she will make sure you live an unbeatable experience on board with all kind of details.


Have a look at his travelholic Instagram to know more about her: @CGYPSYY

Organic wines

Wine enthusiasts will be delighted in getting to know our selection of organic local wines by the hand of our sommelier offered on board during a tasting and matching dishes for everyone of our specific wines. You will enjoy this wines in every meal.




Rafa is our wine sommelier expert on organic wines. He studied in Barcelona oenology and lived around the world (Australia, Colombia, Chile, Spain…) working and learning about wines. He is also a wine maker and this last December he won a price in Mallorca with his organic variety that we will have on board on both Mallorca routes

Have a look at our FAQ´S for more food questions and info. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US with any doubt. We’d be pleased to help you.

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